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Production Stills

Copyright : Colin J Smith Photography

Lizzie (Pollyanna McIntosh) & Gregory (Reece Shearsmith).








Gregory (Reece Shearsmith) gets a surprise visit from his new neighbour Lizzie (Pollyanna McIntosh)





Stars Pollyanna McIntosh and Reece Shearsmith rehearse a pivotal scene in HIM INDOORS.





Our agoraphobic serial killer, Gregory Brewster (Reece Shearsmith)





Enter Lizzie! (Pollyanna McIntosh)





Writer/Director Paul Davis works out the next shot of the day with Director of Photography Eben Bolter.





Director of Photography Eben Bolter, Writer/Director Paul Davis and star Reece Shearsmith.





Writer/Director Paul Davis and stars Reece Shearsmith and Pollyanna McIntosh.